How many sizes big do you buy Levis STF 501s?

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I jumped on the bandwagon just because I like how rigid they are and they are the best dyed jeans for the price. But I went with 6 inches too big in the waist and 4 inches long because I don't wear my jeans slim like 501 regulars fit. Can I just wash them more than once prior to wearing them to get the waist to shrink about right while maintaining the looseness in the seat, rise, and leg that will result from them being so damn big? And they don't continue to shrink every time you wash them, do they? Because I wash after every wear. I don't care about whiskers or honeycombs enough to sacrifice hygiene and be running around smelling like !!$.

Do you think these are 501 STFs?

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mine are going to look like Jeezy's then. I'll just dry them too and hope that helps shrink them some more
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501s are regular fit jeans. Not sure why you sized up 6 sizes when they only shrink 1 inch in the waist and 2 in length

besides, 501 stfs are the WORST quality raw denim, both in fit and quality. Even the $30 price tag isnt worth it. get regular 501s in the rigid color, your STFs wont be stiff after washing anyways.
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Originally Posted by DatZNasty

mine are going to look like Jeezy's then. I'll just dry them too and hope that helps shrink them some more
They're going to stretch back.

This is why I stuck with RIGID 501s and not bother with STFs.

501s aint that slim neither...511, 514s. I don't have the slimmest of legs and I find the 514s to be tight already.
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I have bought 2 pairs in the past 2 years.
My advice is to buy them +2 Waist Size for a snug fit, because they will expand and shrink in cycles whenever you would like to wash them. I soaked the entire jeans in hot water the first day for half an hour. For length, it depends on how much stackage you want. 2-4 is what you should look for depending on what you want. To keep them dark, wash them every few months ( maybe 6?) The first ones I bought are almost light blue (kinda) because I've washed them so much.
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Originally Posted by JFDOOM

Originally Posted by 703 Hwy

I think the last time I washed my jeans was in '96
where have u been
I normally get on NT at work and they blocked it awhile back so I been outta action. But i'm still in the cut

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