How Much Different Are You Now Compared to How You Were in High School?

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....Or are you the same?
I learned a lot of life lessons between 18-21.....I'm 23 now.

Back in high school I'm not sure how I exactly came off. I was a little shy, but it came off as arrogant so I'm told.

I'm definitely more relaxed now, nothing seems to really bother me to the point where I get anxious. I don't need a female to keep me happy or busy, so I'm more in a casual lane now in that approach.

How about ya'll? I'm bored, give me some good things to read.


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I'm less self-conscious about how i look or the way i dress. Same sense of humor and same weak goatee

Also have hit the weights since HS and finally am decently ripped
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Mentally, I'm not too much different cause I've always felt like I'm more wise beyond my years, and even feel the same way about a lot of my friends who are
around the same age. Same thing about being less self-concious about clothes. I don't cae about brands anymore, just the color.
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Well I dated the same girl all the way through high school. Had a bunch of friends and had a great time. Went to college, went off on my own. No girlfriend anymore, only have a few close friends and I work my life away. High school > now.
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This might sound stupid, but definitely changed a lot, but still the same in many ways.
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I've changed so much I can't believe it. I don't look back at anything. I really think if I went back to high school I would've been a loner instead of trying to be so social. I've become so self-reliant and self-sufficient its not even funny. My maturity is unbelievable. I'm 24 now and graduated high school at 17. If I had this type of focus in high school, I wouldve gotten straight A's. My biggest differnce is that I'm a lot more spiritual and docile. That's a major plus for me. I wasn't like that in high school.
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Big time difference. my parents had me on lock and I missed out on a lot (good and bad) in HS. didn't really grow up til I went away to college.
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Originally Posted by AIRJORDAN JB23

more "real world" experience.
This. I'm more conscious now about my future and decisions I make that will affect it.
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very...socially i've improved. Health wise, i feel better, but I need to start working out again. Less things get to me, and I put most of my focus on the right things

still incredibly stupid though
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as a person ive changed alot

mostly physical im a lot skinnier now
also im way more laid back now
used to be a hot head
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I was a cocky little *$#%%! in high school, I guess you can say arrogant...
Thought i was the #!*% cause i made the JV bball team the first 3 years (didn't play senior year)
Liked the dress real flashy too (A&F, newest jordans, etc.)

Now I'm a lot more conservative and school oriented...i still get h_'s though
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i'm 40 pounds lighter...
i'm more focused in school...
my sense in style is MUCH better than in high school...
i don't take as many things for granted anymore...
and im much better socially as opposed to in high school


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more focused cause i'm not failing something i'm paying for
less social, i speak too NO one in college except for professors
more grateful be 2-3 1hr 15 min classes > 3-4 1hr 15 min classes

as for clothing im still the ralph lauren, ysl, foamposite etc.wearing bum
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Only graduated high school last June. I'll have a better understanding of where I'm at this year. Second year of university is crucial, this is the year where you'll know who your real friends are, the people that you'll talk to for the rest of your life. I still hang out with a lot of friends from high school, visit them at their unis every so often, but at my school, it's hard to find normal decent people. With school though, I will find out this year, I had a pretty tough transition last year from high school to university. Trying to work on discipline so I can get good grades again. As far as women go, my mentality is completely different, I don't let women play games with me anymore. All in all, this is the time of my life right now. I'm only 18 and I'm two and a half years away from graduating with a BBA degree. I go to one of the toughest schools in Canada so hopefully, it all pays off for me.
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