How much do you tip a pizza delivery driver VOL. $2.50 Delivery Charge

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My orders always come to about $17 including the delivery charge. I add an extra 3 just to make it an even $20. Heard the delivery charge doesn't go directly to the driver so its not like a gratuity or something.
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I don't think they get that $2.50 though. That's a service charge that goes to the store.

 I make sure they get $3 to put into their fanny pack.
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How far is the pizza spot from you guys????
I order via phone and walk over to pick up my pizza.
I refuse to tip additional money when I can just walk 3-4 blocks for my food.
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I used to work as a delivery driver back in the day so I usually try and tip $5 on orders over $20.
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