How much does your spouse/partner/friend's appearance affect you?

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How much does your spouse/partner's appearance affect you?

Guys - if your girl wanted to dye their hair purple, wanted to get a facial piercing, or gained 50 lbs?

Ladies - if your guy wanted to start wearing jeggings or rock a Wiz Khalifa-esqe gold sport on their head?

Friends - same type of questions as stated above.

At the end of the day it is their body and its their choice but they also represent you to a certain extent so at what point do you say something?
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I wouldn't want my girl just to be rocking crazy purple hair or something obnoxious just because. My friends tho they can do what ever they want. Her appearance affects me more than my friends even tho people say you are who you hang with.
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i fell off since we have been together and she is still with me... so i dont have that much room to talk
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gf-I can tolerate high-lights but fully colored is a no-no
50 pounds overweight? I can only tolerate that if she's pregnant with my child 

friends-if they ask about their appearance, I'll tell them in the most well-mannered way possible 


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Hair and facial piercing? I really couldn't care less about that type of stuff. You can re-dye hair and take a piercing or two out.

The 50 pound thing would be a cause for concern. I'm pretty health conscious, so I expect the same of my girl. If she broke her leg and something and experienced some weight gain, that'd be understandable and I'd stay with her as long as she acknowledged it as a problem and made moves to get rid of it (I'd probably work out with her, too.) But if she just gained 50 pounds from terrible eating habits and being lazy, I'd probably move on. At my age, habits like that are simply unacceptable.

How is she gonna love me if her heart ain't healthy?
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As far as my girl, I'm sure she'd tell me if she was gonna dye the whole head. In which case, I'd make fun of her, we'd laugh, and she probably wouldn't do it. Her and I just have that type of relationship where we just rib each other.
And as far as friends go, I'd let them know that they're going to look like a %+#!@+@. But they'll probably do it anyway.
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