How much have you given a stripper?

Joined Jun 26, 2005 a time or total, doesnt matter. $5, $10, $20, $50, Champagne room money? be honest

Joined Feb 17, 2006
Total: $200

I never throw out more than $1. But I will throw out a few at a time of they blow my mind.

On that note Bmore scrip clubs *+@!%!!!
Norma jeans>>>>>>any other shake jawn
They work HARD (nh) for the $ (literally one dollar at a time!) and got the ASSets to boast.$200 is living like a king for 2 hrs in Bmore lol!
Joined Sep 2, 2009
$200 to this one chick @ Sin City

She gave me like 3 lap dances through out the night

She was
Joined Jun 4, 2008
Froze her ears with some diamonds.
Shout out to my NT fam for putting me on.
Joined Sep 26, 2001
One time I seen this stripper fall off stage and crack her head open - blood everywhere. I crumpled up a $20, threw it at her and bounced before it became a serious scene. That's about it tho. Usually it's ones.
Joined Mar 23, 2003
Originally Posted by seasoned vet

Originally Posted by BRaTZ DoS

too much...

spill it

not much of a story. there was this BAD chick at the spot i usually go to. black hair, blue eyes, tan, Russian, perfect body. perfect everything
 everytime i walked in, she knew she was getting money from me basically. i couldnt help it. Russian kryptonite

Joined Dec 10, 2006
I'm sorry, I've never seen an #&( or a set of $*(@ that made me want the throw out large sums of money. I participate cause its standard practice, most you'll get is 20 out of me though.
Joined Aug 3, 2006
Prolly a $100 I've a few drunken nights

Haven't been to one in a REAL LONG TIME other than Stadium in DC and I didn't even know til just now that they even give lap dances
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