How much u guys paid for your NIKE SB BRUT..?

Jun 30, 2007
i think the retail price is 75.00$, but i just copped mines today for 90$. i came to the store not knowing how much it cost, but when i got there, i just had to copped them for $90.00. and realize the retail tag is 75.00$ on the box when i got home. i'm still SATISFY
you must be new to the SB game. man i think the bruts would look sick as @#%$ with that Grn apple tree shirt with frankenstien on it. thats why i wanted to cop but their all sold out at my spot. and im not droppin more than 120 on em
yeah don't worry most places will price their SBs over the suggested retail it's really just up to the individual shops to set their prices.
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Am I the only one that thinks these look ugly as sin?

More power to you if you're wearing what you like, though.
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I dropped $90 at my local spot. No worries. The next week I saw em for 125. Its all supply and demand in most cases.
anything more then retail is overpriced. i wonder how long before this gets locked?
If i can get them for around $100 i'll buy them but nothing over $110 forr me
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i copped for a 100 :\
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And I don't know because I didn't buy them.
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haha...whoever said I'm new to the SB DEF right cuz i'm hahaha... thanx for u guys replying back...
I paid about $87 shipped. These aren't that bad but I'll still say


$92 shiped, love em, cept they came a lil scuffed on the swoosh. but other than that shoe is :pimp:
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