how much will you pay for this pair of True Blue 3?

Nov 1, 2008
If you are in the market of the TB 3s, how much will you pay for this pair? They are honestly only worn 1 time about 3 hours in the mall.

with a DS pair (left) next to it
I think they are all authentic. When I said authentic, I meant there was no paint job or any restoration work (that I can see).
Props to the seller. Probably $300 or slightly above.
yeah they are all authentic without any restoration done what so ever. They are mine, just want to see how much people will pay for a pair that have truelybeen worn once compare to a pair of DS one.
Even DS pairs aren't fetching $300.00 right now. As soon as rumors started floating around that these were releasing soon, the value tanked.
I couldn't care less about JB lastest retro, they are all junks, if you guys have a pair for that price or found a pair, seriously let me know, I willthrow an extra 20 bucks for the info.
$300-$350 being that they are worn once. They look super fresh. Some people might pay more and some might try to offer low-ball offers because they are toocheap to pay for what they are worth.
Originally Posted by mkmadshoes

i would say $325 to $350
then you would be overpaying. DS pairs are hardly getting past 300, with the retro coming out the value dropped quite a bit. Until we get somepictures depending on what JB does with it, I'm betting if they put patent leather on it then the value of the earlier retro will go back up.
I love the true blues, seriously, if you have a pair DS for under 300 I will buy from you immediately, real talk. Money ready! Sz 9.5 to 10.5.
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