How old are you and do you still use custom ringtones?

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24, always vibrate unless I'm at home and not keeping it on me. Haven't had a custom ringtone since the Sidekick 2.


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Why does almost everyone have their phone on vibrate or silent??
23 & YES!
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Originally Posted by Nktran001


18? Vibrate?! lol got me thinking for a lil but

19 and its mostly on vibrate, but if im in a loud place i put it on. Default ringers
dont get no better than the classic ring ring
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27 and sometimes. Mostly vibrate at work. Having "Lemonade" or that Wacka Flocka Garbage playing in the meeting room is pure dumbness
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17 years old, havent had a custom ring tone since i was 14 in the 8th grade. i had 'one mic' 
. now my phone stays on vibrate.
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Originally Posted by 23MCpizzle23

23 and no vibrate or BB standard tone

if your over 18 and have a ringtone smh at you!
The hell kinda statement is this?
Originally Posted by solefood229


ringer common- be instrumental

text- birds chirping

how do y'all keep your phones on vibrate 24/7, i would never hear mine

keeping your phone on silent is just stupid to me
Word. How do you know when you get a call? Unless you guys have your phones by you 24/7. Which I dont.

But yea with all that said
Real As It Gets for my closest boys
Hyyer for everyone else
Fear for texts (when in the holster (BB pearl

Im 19 btw
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