How old were you when you stopped taking Money from your parents?

Jan 12, 2006
19... still taking.
Feel SO guilty.
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Got my first job at 13....i get gifts from time to time
same here. but lately i've been putting my checks from work into the bank for college so between checks i occasionally ask my mom for $10 or$20 to cover the off weeks. (almost 18 btw).
don't sweat it man i'm 22 and unemployed during a recession. it's either take money from moms duke and pops or hustle till I get a job. Im reallynot tryina go the 2nd route unless it was my absolutely last resort, cuz I'm not tryina go to the bing. But I rather do that then be homeless
16.. had my first job plus reselling sneakers.... When i feel i need to ask i let something go. sneakers,car parts etc. Since i recently was let go from my jobive been selling most of my car parts
had to let go of some fully pollished Enkei 92's 15x7 +20 offset. It hurt man.. but i still don't ask..reselling sneakers isn't really doing well right now so i just sell what i can until i can get a job. If your going to school i thinks its all good situation is a bit different since my stepfather is the breadmaker... i don't feel right asking my mom for money.. even if its for school..
18 stopped taking money from them, but I dont pay rent and still eat my Moms food. still borrow some money from here and there when i haven't cashed mycheck yet.
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how do you guys pay for college by yourselves?

Must be a pain

saving money, going to a community college, or gettin financial aid.
SickWitIt wrote:
I'm 18 and never had a job.

i never understood how someone has never had a job...even if your parents have money...unless you're a superstar athlete makes no sense to me...
My mom gives me money sometimes when I don't even need it, she's just like "have a good time."
I'll never stop [Puff Daddy]Eh, eh[/Puff Daddy] even when I'm rich and well off. I'll take money from anyone who's just giving it to me. Why?Cuz money comes and money goes, it's all this player knows.

EDIT - Now that I think about it my mother still takes money from my grandmother, they're not setting a good example if they're trying to ween me offof them financially.
I'll never stop. The fact that they are loaded makes me feel guiltless. Also the fact that I would rather see the joy in their face upon helping me outwith a few bucks now, as opposed to me getting rich with inheritance money.
I work with a lady who is about 55 and she has never moved out of her parents house, her dad just bought her a new whip
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