How personal do you take it when someone Flakes/Doesn't call you back? vol.donedirty

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Let me start off by saying I take it very personal.

So basically on Saturday I hit my friend up to see what he was doing and if he wanted to kick it he tells me basically what he is doing and he will call mewhen he gets there. I get another from my other friend telling me to go to this spot because the girl guy ratio is ridiculous then I find out my friend I wasoriginally going to kick it with had already been there for like an hour, call him again to get better directions because the initial directions I got werebunk and it takes me 10 minutes to get a text back. I get to the spot and I see him and basically call him out to why he didn't hit me up. He tells me hewas trying to get directions for like 15 minutes straight. Like Nate Dogg I was switchin my mind back into freak mode, popped bottles and what not. Forward tolike 2:30am we are going to another spot my friend tells me he is having and when I get there I call my friend who has been dogging me to see how the spot isand while I pull up I see him straight look and his phone and put it in his pocket. Now I don't know if this was a misunderstanding but they said somethingabout another spot that was next to my house so naturally I tell them Id roll. Next thing you know homie is driving as fast as he can full speed through stopsigns and everything and I loose him.

Since then hes called me 2 times on average a day and I'm pretty sure hes been trying to blow me up with unknowns. I told myself I was overreacting butthen again I got did very dirty so its a wrap.

What about you guys?
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[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]That's not your[/color] [color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]friend[/color][color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]. He's basically telling you to %!%* off though.. maybe your hygiene is bad.
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What i dont get is why homie is calling me on average 2 times a day and leaving texts like stop dogging me.
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I try not to take it too personal, some people I expect it from

The only time I got really pissed was when my best friend flaked on me on my birthday. Dude was pretty flakey already but cmon, it was my birthday. I talked tohim the night before and him and a few other friends were supposed to go out with me then this dude never shows. I call him, no answer...then 3 days later dudetexts me to apologize and I finally hit my breaking point.

thats the only time I took it really personally


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or how about when people dont text you back? I mean what is THAT about?
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my friends don't do that too often and when they do I never take it personal because I know I have done the same thing in the past
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just know that if you're going somewhere, don't plan on meeting up with him or trying to get directions from him. I don't say cut him offcompletely but just realize he isn't dependable.
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Let me just start off by saying you get clowned on in every thread you post in throwin up like 700 smilies and getting just 1 stoneface back yourway. I got it down now.
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if its a guy I don't care unless it was important... if it is a girl who I'm cool with its w/e.... if it were a gf then I'd be pissed.
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