how should Mark Cuban be dealt with?

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if so how? do the Nuggets finish the sweep and get them outta here??
or will K-Mart keep it funky with Mark Cuban??


Game 3 between the Mavericks and Nuggets ended with thehilarious situation of a team crying about not getting a foul called on them in the final seconds. As Cuban left the floor in a huff, he noticedan angry Dallas fan screaming about the Nuggets players being "thugs." (Again, Dallas was the team trying to foul in the final seconds.) Cuban admitsthat he then turned to Kenyon Martin's mom, Lydia Moore, who seated nearby and added "That includes your son." But hetotally had a good reason for it
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this gives me a little more reason to actually watch this game....on a side note he has some big red lips on the side of his neck "how is he going to takecare of it"
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To disrespect someones mother on their day of appreciation by insulting their son is very distasteful and he deserves to get the piss slapped out of him.
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Originally Posted by HARMCITY45

after the game tho...
Judging by the first couple minutes of the game... you would swear everyone was the child of K-Mart's Mother...
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First and foremost, Cuban owes his Mother an apology... (Even though an apology doesn't mean +*+$...)

Then he should get the piss slapped outta him... Keep the game between the players & teams... Family's off limits...
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wow...another OD moment for Cuban...SMH
as for that lipstick tatoo....................uhh yeah
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Well, its a touchy subject.

On one hand, he was out of line. Plus, it's not just any momma.. it's a black man's momma. Buuuuuuuut on the other hand, what law did he break?Who's gonna fine him? What's he being accused of? Being a sore loser and a dickhead. How do you punish him for that? lol Deal with him like you wouldany other grown man that acts childish, ignore him.

Too bad Denver lost. A sweep would have been sweet revenge.

Also, was it just me or did C Webb look like he was ready to smack the nearest white man when talking about the whole ordeal? "Maaann, I'm gettin madright now just thinkin about it!"


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^^ I was watching that and seein C get irritated ON SCREEN was funny as hell... He was more ticked because he defended Cuban...

Cuban aint right...

You know whats funny is... remember when I told ya'll I saw Cuban at an after party about a month ago.. That Bamma didn't say ANYTHING to any of thebrotha's up in that joint.. and NONE appeared to be "thug" like...

Who knew he was a scurd of the negroes? WOW..
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Mark Cuban went way to far.......way to far
Being a grown man an owner yelling at someone's mother come on,now you are a child.Maybe if you didn't do stupid trades,fire one of the better coachesion the league that made your team play D,you would have a better team.SMH.
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He should not be alowed to sit in the stands anymore..He needs to moved upstairs to his actual seat in the office.. He is to much of a distraction for his teamthats y they never go far in the playoffs.....U can see the fustration on Dirk's face..
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