how to camp out for sneakers?

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guys ive never camped out for sneakers and im regretting not doing so for the pacman trainers, anyway since rookie palang ako.. ano ba mga kailangan pag magcamp? things to bring and ano yung do's and dont's? thanks in advance!

also is there anything i need to look out for? is there a thing such as camper's ethics?
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i haven't done it yet but from the pics i saw, you might be needing food to last you til the next day and carton boxes for sleeping
kidding aside, I toowould like to camp out next time... I'm just waiting for the right shoe... Tips naman
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lets ask the masters!!! paging pareng ryan, mackie, jedah, and flashout!!! and before i forget.. the man mike aka redboy first in line for the pacman eventlast sunday!!!
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bring money..... madaming money....pangabot mo sa mga tutulong sayong makakuha ng kicks..... tapos kahit di ka makakuha magpamigay ka ng money para sa susunoddi mo na kailangan magcampout!!!
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First time ko mag camp out last week for the pacman trainers. Here's what iv learned:

1. Magdala ka ng kausap kung wla kang entertainment gadgets, or maging friendly k na sa katabi m
2 Kilalain m kung cnu katabi mo para pag nwala ka sa pila makaka balik ka pa din. At my witness ka na naka pila ka nga talaga.
3. Magdala ka ng unan or Monoblock na upuan. ( sponsor na pala ng Nike ang Karton
4.Be there one day a head kung hype sobra ang release. Pwd din 2 days kung wla k nmn talaga ginagawa sa bahay
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I hate late so the first time I camped out in January 2008 for the Titanium XX3 release, I flew in to Manila a day before release date. Never wasted any time.I arrived 6pm day before the release and at 10pm I was already at the Nike BHS but we still could not start camping out since di pa uso yung camp out nun andthere was no clear spot where to line up or queue up.

I was the 2nd to arrive actually but I was the first one in line at the main door when the store closed at exactly 12 midnight. We initially argued with theguy who arrived sa morning pa lang but failed to be first in line coz he was not alert enough and he wanted me to move over so he could be first. I was notabout to give away my place, not without a fight and not after flying in to Manila from Mindanao hehehehehe

I ended up winning a pair....and more......

Here are my learnings

1. The early bird catches the worm, if they say people will start lining up at this particular time, try to get there a good 12 hours or more earlier
2. Wear something comfy yet will warm you up for the cold of the night
3. Bring along a friend or better yet lots of friends to keep you company, allow you leak breaks and give you the chance to buy a pair to rock and a pair tostock in case it's limited to 1 pair per person. You can take turns queuing and taking meals too
4. Last but definitely not the least, befriend as many people in the camp out as you can. This is the best part of camping out, gaining new friends andconnections. I got to meet A LOT of people during that release. I met NORMANESQUE and TAKEN24 at the camp out, both are really cool and very friendly dudes.Twas an honor meeting you guys. I also met MIKO0412 and KINGCRUX at release day. Man was that release something to remember!!!

That camp out will be my first and last though as I have the pleasure and honor of having really cool and selfless friends on NT (you know who you are guys!!!)who hook me up for my pair during limited releases. I am too old for camp outs. If my boss saw me camping out, he would probably ask himself, WHY THE HELL DIDI TRUST THIS GUY TO RUN MY BUSINESS???

Having said that, I hope everyone on NT will enjoy their first and hopefully not their last camp out experiences
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Originally Posted by kingcrux31


What choice do we have, Jo???
We don't have connects as deep as yours

In the Philippines sneaker scene though, there's Kingcrux and there's......the rest of us who have to camp out or get lucky to get our pairs

The shoe gods still favor you, Jo. What you have done for the Philippine sneaker scene is quite remarkable and I must say instead of envying, all I have foryou are accolades and praise. Keep up the great work and thank you, pareng KC!!!
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the next big release or camp out hopefuly will be the Space jams. i wont mind skipping work for them.
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thanks for the tips guys! keep them coming please! hopefully there'll be another pacman exclusive!
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Originally Posted by jason16

the next big release or camp out hopefuly will be the Space jams. i wont mind skipping work for them.

nice!!! Would love to camp out for the space jams...


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Thank you for the kind words Bong.

I was laughing at the jokes, not at the thought of camping out.

Camping out is fun. I just can't deal with the hot and humid weather.
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i think all is said here...

i guess the only tip i could give is,if your from NT say whats up to other wont get bored! hehehe

that's how i gotten to know igie,carlo,sir jojo,mike and everyone else..

till the next campout!
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next time pareng jason, susunod ako sa campout, got discouraged when i saw the line at around 10pm and i was near home nung nag text ka

be early
know who's in front and who's behind
know who's cutting the line and telling the heads that he bought his place for 2k, that's lame bro
bring a chair, a friend or some chicks or gagdets, a book would do pero baka bagsakan ka ng colt 45
nothin wrong with someone covering for you i.e. boy, yaya, maid, utusan, drayber, tambay, lolo, lola, aso, just as long he's covering for only one warmbody
be patient
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back in 03 when I first did the so called "camp out" it was the LBJ "1st game" release. that's where i get to see Jojo but i didn'tget the chance to meet him not until the LB2 launch.

bottom line after hours of waiting I came out empty handed and i took it very bad knowing the first on the line was even a lady. so with that loss it toldmyself after that, if there's a sneaker coming out that i really

like I'll copped in a heart bit no matter what. whether i camp out or not i will have it...I came home short ones that's it, no 2nd time around forme... no wayyy...

I don't care even after a month if that shoe end up in outlet store for less 50% or see it on Ebay up for ridiculous prices what matters is I have it...

camp outs =

waiting in line for long hours =

sneakers = priceless
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Here's a few simple tips for camping out successfully:
1) Get the Facts straight- Know the time and place of release and most importantly WHERE THE LINE IS GONNA START
2) Don't take anything for granted- If nobody is in line by around 6-8 pm of the day before release and you know for the love of God, these shoes are gonnabe worth it. JUST DO IT!... lineup
*of course don't just go there at 6-8pm. Troll the area as soon as you possibly can
3) Bring the necessary items that you will be needing
a) Sandals
b) Extra Shirt, Socks, and Shoes (You might wanna look good being first in line
c) Umbrella
d) Monoblock Chairs or foldable chairs
e) PSP or laptop (optional)
4) When the line starts to grow, work out a system with the people lined up next to you.
a) What number you officially are in the line
b) How many of you are lined up
c) Pee breaks, Eating breaks, etc etc.
5) Obviously you have to befriend the person before or next to you to work out a system- crack a few jokes, stories about your kicks, whatever keeps aconversation growing
6) Help each other out, if people start cutting in the line DO something about it.
* There is no room for people cutting in! (IT HAS screwed some people before, eg. CDP AJXI/XII Nike Forum GREENHILLS)
7) Lastly, just enjoy making friends. Your gonna be in line for a LONG time.

Hope this helps.
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the next camp out i subject myself to will be my first.i'm bringing a tent,coleman container filled to the brim,bonfire starter kit,and my dog for real.(tosniff out & take out resellers)
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Originally Posted by maxtempo96

the next camp out i subject myself to will be my first.i'm bringing a tent,coleman container filled to the brim,bonfire starter kit,and my dog for real.(to sniff out & take out resellers)

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I was suppose to camp out for the CDP XI/XII and the MP1 Trainers but I was out of town. I'm gonna camp out for the next big release like the space jams.Kicks really are priceless.
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