How To Get Fired As A TV Weatherman....Vol. YOLO

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Originally Posted by vcshoxj6

fixed the youtube embed...yuku always be failing somehow
Aw man, now my joke isn't funny...Just messin with ya.

Great find though
; love how professional he still sounded while broadcasting.
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"OK, here's the forecast; volcano 350 on monday"

lol master troll.
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"But the key to the forcast, is that right before this thing makes landfall, it is going to be deflected by Godzilla."
"You can see maybe one... two hundred inches of rain, wind gusts up to a thousand miles per hour."
"Godzilla Wednesday... I'll be honest I have no idea what's gonna happen that day."

This guy was gold.
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good one

at first mention of the volcano i was kinda shook

he kept a straight face the entire time


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it has to be like a training video.... like hey lets warm you up to saying dumb %*@$ on tv type thing. No way thats real
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If he randomly did this to peace out his job theb i wish they showed the anchors' faces after wheb he was done lol
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