How to make a Jumpman into a Nike Air?

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Hey NikeTalk, I'm wondering just how to make the jump man on the back of my Fire Red 3's into a custom Nike logo. Now, I know you need a dremel, and an Xacto knife, but I don't know what kind of plastic/rubber/silicone, or whatever material I'm supposed to use for the cut-out. Does anybody know what material the back of the heel tabs of the 3's and 4's are made of?

Heres a video of a guy doing the exact thing I want done to mine, except, he never mentions the material he uses for the back tab. Check it out:
And If any of you know where there is a place that sells 1/6 of an inch thick rubberish material in a sheet, that would splendid if you would tell me where. :smile:
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This may be frowned upon, but I always thought about copping some replica Nike air 4's or 3's and swapping the tabs. Never did it tho just copped the real thing 
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Seriously, I wish someone would just fabricate these Nike Air tabs and start selling them already.
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