How to make Jordan CDP 3s into OG 3s (Video...FUNNY!!)

Apr 29, 2007
not sure if this was posted already but this dudes crazy!!!
LOL!!! Funny vid, dudes hilarious. I'm not gonna lie though the 3's actually came out tight. I never would've thought of doing that. If done verycarefully it would really come out raw.
"Tastes like orange juice after you brush your teeth"
Patrick Tinkle's???????
"YO" count = 125
Idiot. Paint job like that has smooth surface at the back, original IIIs don't.
More idiotic, he's a ****** who thinks everything is the same except the Nike Air.
Most idiotic, original is not made in 1994.
The best part of this whole thing is that the people who don't find this humorous are the very people he's dumping on... Indohan... he's callingYOU out. smh.
he just disrespected that shoe but they are his to do with as he pleases. but hes hella funny to me.
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