how to read the nike tag (for those who dont know)

Nov 4, 2002
i know most of NTers know how to read the tag,
but for those new members asking the diference between fakes and OG, could be useful
if you dont find this useful just dont read
(nah, just flush me)
if someone could add or know something more
just post

FABRIQUE EN INDONESIA >manufacturing country:
China, Korea (im sorry in my country is Corea), India, Vietnam and Taiwan are the major
manufacturing countries for nike

993013 TW

993013 > production date
TW> Manufacturing Factory: this is used to identify between diferent factories in certain country

US 9.5 UK 8.5 EUR 43 CM 27.5

537854 161 00

537854> Style number: this number contains the category and style number of the shoe

first number: The line of the shoes

1:regular production
6:special make up
9:limited edition

second number: the category of the shoes

3 :b

3rd to 6th number unique number of this shoes

161 00> Color: The First 3 numbers represent the color of the shoes, the last 2 are unknow

5 :tongue:
8 :wow:
i knew this, but GREAT INFO!!!!! for people who dont

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Can you tell me how to break down the production date How do you read it
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010911 actually means;
produced in year 2001
between September (09) & November (11).

Theres always a 2-month time frame that Nike uses to show when the shoes were actually produced.
any clarification on the date thing???

For example, would the numbers 001202 mean December 2, 2000 or February 12nd, 2000?

Also, with regards to the 3 year rule for returning, if I wanted to return a shoe that was dated feb. 12 , 2000 - i would have until feb 11, 2003 to return it right?
yes, i post this for everyone asking for the diference between fakes and OG
I don't understand your style number logic.
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some correction:

5 is purple not blue
8 is not "unknown" it's orange
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thanks for the link, SLIM. that confirms what RON said.

so 001101 means produced in november 2000 through january the next year.

btw, regarding "made in indonesia". i thought nike left us, but apparently i saw some new AF1s and penny's air flight wings with "made in indonesia" labels.

I always thought it was the Day because im pretty sure i had one with "22" for the date digits. Not 100% certain, though.
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spreewellbeast, i always thought it's the date too. but i just checked some of my shoes i have close; none has a number more than 12.
The first number on the style numbers have changed to 3. All of the new nike's my store has received, (running, cross-trainining, jordans, etc) all begin with 3. Anyone know why nike changed the system?
I'm still a lil confused with the producton date. So it means between the two monts or it's an actual date
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The 2-month time frame usually applies to all regular release models.

Having said that, I have pairs that has 329632 & 330581 to mention a couple. And those are definitely not dates ... however, those are special promo color editions.

even my Pippen 4s (player issues w/ vis-Zoom heel) has numbers that are definitely not refering to dates.
Thanks a lot!!!

I just checked my shoes which were recently purchased and I validated that all info on the tags were correct!!!

I got authentic Js!

Thanks again!!!
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