How to repair/glue nike air max sole

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So stumbled upon this forum to get help, how can I fix this problem where the soles of my nike Flyknit
air max is giving out and one of them even came loose. If I were to glue them, is super glue enough? Is there any solution to this?
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Absolutely not. Do not put any sort of super glue on. Will ruin the pair. Will probably ruin bubble. Will fog

Instead. Get Angelus shoe cement. From Angelus directly (they’re the supplier of all the paints for pretty much every sneaker customized out there) have the best array of products and they cater to the people involved with sneaker DIY like Restorations. Paint jobs. Touch ups. MidSole separations. Etc.

If you really want to. If it doesn’t have much mileage on them, and you live near an actual Nike Store. Depending on the manager, you can have them replaced fully. Most managers at Nike Stores understand if a pair pops and will fix the problem with usually a new pair if it was a problem on Nike’s end. Which yours clearly is. If you don’t live near. Call up. Probably can send em in. They’ll make it right. If the style of that pair is no longer. They’ll give u money for a new pair of equal or less value or gift card of equal value. Might even get a promo code on top of it too if you complain online after the fact given that online support won’t even know that you did any of this.

Sometimes when something like this happens. Might seem like a loss. But. Could be a win win.
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