"How to Return Shoes to Nike"-Guide

Dec 8, 1999
This kind of posts appear on the regular, so it would be efficient to make a "how-to" guide for the archives.

Since I don't live in the USA i can't help you guys out much, I'd appreciate your help, and I'm sure many other will do, too.

Note: This thread is by no means intended as a guide how to fool Nike as for "how can I rip my xxx in order to send them back for money?". Authors of such questions and members replying to them trying to "help" face banishment from Niketalk, for it is people like them that make it harder for honest consumers to send sneakers back, not to mention that it is illegal.

Please post, prefereably in chronological order (i.e. point 1 to 5), how to send shoes back and how to contact Nike (online, telephone number, address).

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I have been whondering if anybody has info on how to return shoes in europe?

Can it be done?

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alrite, i have a pair of nike air zoom total 90 soccer cleats that i wore for 7 games and the plate on the bottom cracked in half. is that grounds to return them?
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1- Obtain the address at www.nikebiz.com
2- Pack the sneakers in anybox, it does not have to be the original, along with a short letter explaining WHY you are returning the sneakers.
3- Wait
4- Receive Voucher, to be used ONLY on niketown.com

And to the kid that asked about his soccer shoes, I believe that is grounds for a voucher. Shipping is only 5 dollars, its worth a try.
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I just sent some Air Max with a popped bubble in a couple weeks ago. Another thing: I think shoes with excessive wear cannot be sent in. If you do not want the shoes if they decide you don't get a voucher, they can recycle the shoes or of course send them back to you.
This is the way I sent my kicks back to nike about 4 months ago.

1. Called nike consumer affairs, (1-800-344-6453).
They give you an e-claim number and tell you exactly what to do.

2. write a letter in with the kicks explaining what is wrong.

3. Send the kicks to nike.

4. Wait for them to send you a voucher.

The main thing you have to do is call nike consumer affairs. Tell them you have a defect in you sneakers and you want a voucher. They will explain to you exactly what you have to do. (e-claim number, shippping, letter, etc.)

If you havent received anything in about 2 weeks you can always call consumer affairs and they will tell you if you sneakers were accepted as haveing a defect or if they have been declined and will be send back to you.

This is what I did a couple months back. i dont know if it will still work, but its worth the try.
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The outsole is coming off on my GP4... they are $125, so can i return them for Jordan's? (Jordan VII - $125)?

- Nike Canada does not give out vouchers, they send back shoes of the same sport and same or lower price.
Nike no longer gives out e-claim numbers.
This is what to do

1. Nike will NOT let you return shoes that are older then 3 yrs or show excessive wear. Shoes that are NIKE ID products must be returned to another address which you can find on www.nikebiz.com.

2. You don't have to call them, e-mail them or do anything. All you do is send your shoes in a package With the following address...
26755 SouthWest 95 AVE.
Wilsonville oregon 97070

Include a small letter with a note like this...
Phone #



If the shoes are found to be flawed nike will issue you a voucher and it will be sent to you through the regular mail. If the shoes are found to not be flawed they will be returned {IMO in a very tight box that creases the shoes} to you.

Some products can not be returned to nike so i suggest calling CONSUMER AFFAIRS 1-800-344-6453
and listen to "the rules of the game".

I hope this helps and if you gave any other questions feel free to ask. Also DON"T TRY AND FRAUD NIKE BECAUSE THEY AREN"T STUPID. My friend sent back many shoes about 50 to nike in a period or about 6 months. He then recived a letter from Nike Inc, explaining that an investagation in underway.

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Would I be able to send my FP3's back because the tongues ripped? also what do you mean by:
Mark the outside of your package with your RETURN ADDRESS.

I returned a pair of XVII's after two of the metal lace holders popped off after only six hours of wear. I would recommend, like I did, if you return XVII's to include the suitcase. With the shoes, I wrote a three paragraph letter saying how awesome their products were and that it would be greatly appreciated if a refund was provided. Just be polite, professional and honest.

Three weeks later, I received a $200 voucher in the mail. This was last week.
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I can't believe how useful this information was - I was just about to post a message on niketalk about how to return shoes since when I called they gave me some bs on the phone after talking to a robot for like 10 minutes. (The machine basically hung up on me and did not let me talk to anyone since no one was there) I returned shoes about 2 months ago and they gave out all the information over the phone through a machine but now I guess they want to talk to you in person.

Anyways, thanks for that info, I just forgot the address to send the shoes back.
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In Canada:

1. Phone Nike Canada at 1-800-663-6453

2. Follow the automated prompts

Note: Have defective product ready at hand, since they ask for product information.

3. After waiting on hold forever, operator will answer and give you a Claim Number if your return is accepted

4. Write Claim # directly on shipping box and mail the shoes to

Nike Canada Ltd
260 Brimley Rd

5. In 3-4 weeks time expect to receive your replacement shoes that are equal value and similar performance (E.g. I sent back my FP3's and they sent me Shox VC)

It's actually Brimley Road.

And can i get jordan's for nike's? is there any rule on nike's for nike's and jordan's for jordan's?
oh sorry about the misspelling

i have size 16 so they told me that they cant promise anythin on whih shoe i'll get back, but it will be the same value and performance level. they also told me they cant guarantee certain color requests
I play handball, and I did so in a pair of Tailwinds. If you dont know, handball kills both the front sole and back sole of the sneakers. I had the sneakers peeling and really worn to the point where the black sole was showing bits of orange.

I returned them giving them reasons and telling them that all the defects happend BEFORE the major wear, and I was sent a voucher.
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Ok, my NIke Air Super Speed Max have the Max Air heel popped, but I am worried if they are too destroyed.

Had these for 10 months, the sole is tearing up so bad you can see the Bottom of the Air.

Also, no shoe sizing tag in the lewft shoe. The defect is on the right. I bought these at Champs.

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thanks guys, I was just searching on ndc looking for info to return some shoes.

But do you think Nike will accept back some Flightposite KG's in the TB college colors? it doesn't say they wouldn't, but I guess it's worth a try.
Its not like they are doing you a favor by issuing you a voucher. You shouldn't have to go through this in the first place. To be honest, almost every pair of shoes that I wear to play ball in is "defective" in some way. Either the sole starts to peel off, or the tongue ripps, or anything like that. If Nike had more strict quality control they woulnd't have to worry about people sending back a whole bunch of kicks. I don't feel wrong at all for sending back shoes when the sole peels off a little. Even if it doesn't affect overall performance. It shouldn't happen. They know this as well and they issue vouchers for all defects.
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Here is the direct link

I recently sent in my FP3 for a ripped tounge and I called and received a claim number......It is toll free and a machine. Nikes quality and attention to detail has gone downhill.....
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I have torn my Nike Air Jordan XI retro and I would like to return them. Do you think they will accept them?
Thanx very much in advance for your replies.
well what if there's nothing wrong with the shoes and u just want to return them to get a different shoe....
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