How to SLAM your car VOL. HELP

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Been in the market for a new car and have been looking at older lexus and acuras. But ever since I went through that stance thread on NT, its got me thinking I want to do that. Can all you car heads explain to me how to do it right? From wheel choice/size, suspension, springs and all that. Whats the best way to make it look GOOD. Pics are welcomed! Sorry im such a noob at this car stuff......


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Burn your springs, cheap way and #$!* way to get the lower stance. #$!* bounces like a mother though. Also like 90's acura like the CL had crap ******s


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Most uncomfortable ride in the world, if the car is gonna be an everyday drive, DON'T DO IT!
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If you're willing to cough up about 2.5k go with some type of air ride suspension. That way, you won't compromise much of the ride, when raised, and be able to put it at the tucked stance you want, when parked.
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Youre better off signing onto a car forum of the car your looking to get and ask that question there.
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Go to a car specific forum and just browse the threads and learn as much as you can. Look for keywords and terms. For rims and tires, car newbies dont realize that offsets can make or break the look of your car. Do some research on it. For suspension, just look for info and coil overs and springs.
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coilovers for a daily that way come winter you can jack em up. Bags for a fun car. All depends on where you live and how much your looking to spend
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I live in arizona, and ya it will be a daily driver.. And price, ummm like 3gs give or take all together.
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About 1k if you go coils.. And another 1K for rims.. But DO NOT cut your springs! But look into it before you do it. You may also need bigger tires
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do that out here in nyc and you would need a new car in about a week

but when you get it done put up some pics
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Dont get me started on modifying cars, it is the stupidest thing you can do and a big waste of money
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What ever you do get decent coilovers. Steer clear from the $150 ebay specials. You get what you pay for . I had a car last summer with cheap coils. It went really low and looked great. It drove like ++@ and come winter they wouldn't budge. Defiantly do some research on a vehicle specific forum before you go dumpn a whole bunch of money in your car if you don't know whats up. My last car would scrap every where i loved every second of it tho
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my advice to you, is buy a vehicle pre-dropped and etc. and imo a slammed lexus doesnt look all that great well depending on which model. but usually honda's and integra's are already slightly lowered by previous owners.
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Check out Tein they are huge in the jdm scene, then your got Skunk, Greddy, H&R is also know for being amazing ,but with that they tend to run a higher in price, but you get what you pay for. A smother ride and coil that wont blow out on you
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If you plan on going that Honda route I suggest you sign up at and jump head first into their forums
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Lowering your car takes a lot of money and time. On top of the springs/coilovers/air susp, you gotta get camber kits, alignment, and roll your fenders if the wheels stick too far out from the wheel well. Like others have said, join a car specific forum and go from there.
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  • Coilovers (DON'T cut your springs)
  • Multi-Link (Rear Toe arms, Rear upper control arms, traction arms, etc.)
  • Skid plate (Still bang up my oil pan)
  • Your choice of wheels (sizes vary depending on what kind of car it is.) Usually anything 9" or wider will look decent, but it will take a lot of work to get it to fit properly.
  • Roll/Pull fenders
  • Done
Here's a shot of my car. Wheels are 17x9 +7 front +2 rear. 215/40/17 tires all around. 

Lowered it some more...

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