How would you compare White Owls to Swisher Sweets?

Joined Dec 1, 2007
I been smoking with White Owls for a while now and I was looking to buy a box online. However, I was thinking of getting some Swishers since I have access tothem online. Being that I'm from NY, I never had the chance to use Swishers but I hear good things.

So, are they anything like White Owls or Phillies in terms of how the leaf comes off and such?

Would this be a good buy:



How about this:




Joined Apr 6, 2008
WHITE OWLS - easy to roll, leafy, thin, gotta licc to keep from falling apart, strong flavor smell, smell like smoke after finishing, burns fast and unevenly

SWISHERS - yea these are just better lol

try em out bro
Joined Dec 1, 2007
I want to try them out but I have no history with them and no idea what they're like.

Are they more like dutches with veins and the type of leaf that doesn't curl up when licked or are they like Phillies/ White Owls/ etc...

Also, do I buy the "Blunts", "Cigarillos", "Blunts XL" or which one if I like them long, nh.
Joined Dec 6, 2006
I stick mostly to grape mini dutches and blunt wraps if anything I might get a different flavor dutch that's it.
Joined Mar 30, 2004
Regular or Honey Dutches > *

I don't see why you would think otherwise.
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