How would you interpret this? Vol. Months of the year

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From a Facebook status I saw:

Well March babies, our month will be over in a couple of hours
!!! Like ******* ****** said, we HELD IT DOWN!!!! Now lets give the other 9months a chance, but we all know they can't do it like us.
[/h3]Now based off of just reading this with no type of disclaimer or sidenote...what do you think the person who wrote this meant? Is she buggin?
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Uhh, there's only 10 months in a year?

She sounds dumb. Unless she means they already held it down harder than January and February and wanna see what the remaining nine months have to 'offer'

Still stupid
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Originally Posted by oidreez

april though december = 9 months
Word, its not that hard to figure out. Im willing to give her the benefit of the doubt

She couldve worded it better yes.
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 I think some of yall are the ones that are buggin'... it's obvious she meant the rest of the upcoming months. Jan & Feb already passed, so why give them a chance?
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She should've said the next 9 months not other. That doesn't make sense.

Besides that, it's March. Lets be serious now. April > *
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Just people really take their birth months that seriously? Or is this really more of an issue for people that are self absorbed?
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Originally Posted by FrankMatthews

What exactly did they hold down? Meaningless blather

i dont know how people handle these statuses. i've already hidden everyone who posts statuses like this.
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i was gonna say some smart +%++ to OP until i realized it was gutta

im sorry gutta for thinking bad thoughts about u

spare me
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Originally Posted by youngcheezy

i was gonna say some smart +%++ to OP until i realized it was gutta

im sorry gutta for thinking bad thoughts about u

spare me
You wild man
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it sounds like its a chick, and the way its worded, it sounds like only 10 months exist....but maybe she means the 9 remaining months....

either way, this thread is horrible and I only responded because I am sick and bored....
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my interpretation --

web 2.0 has created a whole new outlet for a bunch of people seeking attention.
it has also created a bunch of people who invest way too much into the actions of said people, giving them exactly what they want.
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