HTXS Resurrection - Houston Texans Thread 2021

Jun 1, 2011
Similar to the Rockets, a handful of guys at the top plus their star player helped burn this franchise to the ground, and we're having to rely on an actual GM in Nick Caserio, new head coach David Culley, several other new coaches, along with upwards of 30+ new players to tried to climb back up. They've basically been trying to collect all the draft picks they can handle and rid themselves of previous bad contracts. With the Rockets, they traded away Harden, allowed top tier loser MDA to save face and walk away instead of outright firing his ***, and Morey to "take a break to see his family" then take the Philly job a week later, which leaves Billionaire Broke Boy Tilman to basically start over. For the Texans, they fired "the best coach in Texans history" (lol) in Bill O'Brien, along with getting a bunch of his minions out of here (Mike Devlin, Anthony Weaver, etc.). I can mess with Caserio and a lot of the new coaches here, cause major change was much needed, but the jury is still out on Cal "Tommy Boy" McNair and that fake Joel Osteen who doesn't have a defined team role but apparently gets paid to do it. And Watson and his projectile semen flying at women doesn't really need to be discussed. Legal stuff should sort itself out and it is what it is. All these moves will prove whether Caserio truly does make decisions and they're serious about improving, or if there's the same old puppeteering where the fans will still show up no matter what.

There's been a ton of players signed, traded, and released, so I want even go into detail cause it's been a pretty constant thing, but I will mention that there are still a couple big contracts on the team:


If somebody makes a phone call for Tunsil and they take it, you firmly know they're 100% prepped for a rebuild. Ideally, Mercilus and Murray are traded soon, and Watson gets put on whatever list he needs to go on until stuff is sorted out.

Just to be realistic, the QB spot is truly the only spot I'm concerned with. I feel like with so many new guys on the staff, they can be coached up in all three phases of the ball. The line should be better, you have an assortment of running backs, and special teams should be better. Even without Roby, the defense surely should improve way more than dead last. You have what you need to from all of that to keep you in games or even win, but you can't have mediocre or bad QB play, yet there's a chance you can very much get that. You'd basically want to have anywhere from 12th-17th best QB play as long as your other phases are up to par. I literally have no idea what to expect from the QB position. If only the star QB had not rallied behind the guy that was destroying the franchise, then attempt to get out of town due to mistaking some actual massage therapists for nuru rubdown women.


Some nice PR here, probably will need to have Lindsay, Ingram, and Scottie combine for 230 yards a game, run some Navy style offense.
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