Hydroxycut Recall Issued by FDA Due to Risk of Fatal Liver Damage

[color= rgb(102, 0, 153)]Was ringing this #%#$ up 2day when my *!%+$$+ register froze and a slip popped up saying this #%#$was recalled....the customer was heated[/color]
Not surprised. Weight loss pills that aren't prescriptions are not regulated before going out into the market. So everyone who takes them is not a payedbut a paying guinea pig.
I literally LOL when I saw their commercial with a jacked dude saying "As a user and a new doctor..."
i wonder what the reactions of dudes on BB.com are
Of course it can cause liver damage it reduces the water in your body.... That's why it's clearly states drink at least 8 glasses of water when takinit... You know alot of people hate drinking water so they end up taking a L because they fail to follow instructions
well dam..im losing weight!!!!!i think ill save a few and return the bottle with one left for a return....lol.
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