Hypothetically speaking...what if there was no maximum contract?

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How much could Lebron command on the open market? No regulation...word to when Jordan made $36M in 98.

If teams were truly bidding for his services, what do you think the final price would be?

What about Wade? Bosh? and the rest?
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"$100,000,000 per year for Bron..." -

This dude is literally starving for a championship.  I don't think he would even care if he was losing $ if the Mavs were winning titles.

That is what makes him so
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Maximum contract means nothing if you still have a cap.

No cap though? LA, NYK, and Dallas have a field day with free agents.
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that would be wild if bron was making more than entire teams. Honestly, with billionaires like cuban, and the new nets owner, i would guess the final tally could be around the 9 digit range...

other dudes would be SALTY


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If Larry Ellison buys the warriors... and no CAP. Warriors win a chip SOOOON
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If it was a multi-year contract (3-7 years), I can't imagine it going past $40-45 mil per year, which itself is a ridiculous price. Otherwise the owner wouldn't get enough return on their investment to justify paying him that much. Also, LeBron's price tag would itself create a salary cap for the team because the owner would be less willing to spend on other players.

If we're talking about one-year contracts like Jordan's? Maybe up to $50 million. Cuban would pay that much for a ring I think.

I guess these are random numbers I'm throwing out there in a way, but I tried to use current salaries as some sort of guideline.
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If it never existed the Knicks would still have some hilarious contracts left over from the Isiah era. Now it's dwindled down to one.
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the knicks, the mavs, and now the nets (because of the russian billionaire) would be the big spenders in the market.

although LA is a big market town, i dont think jerry buss has enough cash to go over what he's already paying now
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imagine if the NBA could cut players like the NFL...imagine how many players would be dropped....word to Elton Brand.
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It's actually fun to think about. If there wasnt a cap then good lord it probably would be huge. All one needs to do is look at MLB the last few years as just a guide.

Of course though in the end the fans would pay for it.
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