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Originally Posted by JR Paperstacks

OK, final verdict on this, please is it "So won't you raise your glass, won't you?"
How was there ever any doubt or question about this?
Tony ain't slurring his speech or nothing...



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in the original song the lady is saying "Here's to MISTER Rocefeller"

but Kanye tweeked it and made it sound like "Here's to Roc A Fella"

its goin so fast and high pitched that instead of hearing the "MISTER" it sounds like "Here's to"

kinda like the Lady Gaga - Poker Face sample he took and it sounded like Poke HER Face when its saying "Poker Face"

there is a vid on Youtube explaining how he takes samples and make them sound like they saying something else

black leg

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Originally Posted by MetroKid26

the person singing "Cheers to the rock" was Jay-Z right?
Did you read this thread at all?? It's a sample that Kanye sped up. 

But anyways, a classic song and it brings a smile to my face whenever it comes on
 Great job Mr. West
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Best outro I've ever heard.

Its funny the dude he's talking about skipping out on that beat was Mickey Halsted....funny how things turn out
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Beat was crazy, track was crazy, Ye told the story perfectly, it's classic.

Hov sounded twisted though...
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so what was Jay talking about in the beginning, though?

also, so glad he didn't give Heart of The City to DMX
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on my first listen....i wasnt feeling CD at all until I finallly made it to this track........my life hasnt been the same since.

Kanye's a fool with the outros...........Dipset Forever anyone?
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