I always wondered. How do Black folks feel about Pun's 'that n!##a $*!!'? Vol. Iverson Crossover

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I wanna ask my NT fambs. Specifically the Black people of NT. I want to hear a broader opinion, than what I heard in the past. Was Pun worthy enough of making a song like this, even though he wasn't Black? Did y'all feel disrespected? Did he do it right? Did y'all relate?

Growing up, not too many Black people I knew really touched this topic, but because Pun always had respect where I came from. Dude was 'that' %*#+*. Around 2001, 2002 - he had Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, Blacks, Whites, etc messing with em, so it wasn't a 'big deal' - so to speak. A few people touched on the subject, there was always mixed feelings.

I loved this song. I felt like it was a song that everybody could relate too obviously; regardless of race. He could've easily said 'that hood shhh', or 'gangsta shhh' and the song would've been just as ill.
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Originally Posted by Cobra Kai

he came up with the same "#!*+#$" who called him "$*$#@".

I feel like Big Pun is the ONLY one who could/should have the pass

filipino btw
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