I got Shawne Merriman mad on Twitter. vol. Roid Rage?

Joined Feb 26, 2005
So Shawne Merriman replies to me today after what I said to him yesterday.

Here's the Twitter convo:

shawnemerriman: O and by the way derek fisher should have did the LightsOut dance after that pick he set

Flowsomuch: @shawnemerriman funny you say that because that dfish pick reminded me more of when mjd put you on your behind. Lmao.

shawnemerriman: @Flowsomuch cant wait to see u

Flowsomuch: @shawnemerriman u mad?

Flowsomuch: @shawnemerriman here's some motivation. http://bit.ly/195mcR

Roids prolly got him all sensitive.
Joined Dec 9, 2001
Cant wait to see u????

That doesnt sound like he is mad.......THAT sounds like he wants to do some stuff in the closet with u.
Joined Feb 26, 2005
I remember jabbing at him when he first got on twitter about NBA2k9.

I replied to him saying that if he wants to get served holla at me, and gave him the gamertag.

Then yesterday, I hit him with the MJD jab, and today he replies back with the "cant wait to see u."

My dudes dyyhard and dadoc saw it.
Joined Feb 26, 2005
Originally Posted by GUNNA GET IT

PLEASE Hit him with the LIGHTS OFF TOO
Oh shnap, I completetly forgot about this vid.

I'm about to hit him with it too right now along with a pic of Larry English.
Joined Jun 24, 2001

Yall seen shawne lately? My god dude needs to stay out of the weight room.. Lookin like david boston in 03, seriously..

He's about to have an mvp like season..
Joined Feb 26, 2005
Originally Posted by thetruth03

Kb8 you don't wanna see me in 2k9...
Gamertag: Flowsomuch

Let's run!

He already had an MVP like season last season without playing. Word to the Chargers defense last season.
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