I have 1 day in DC...help

Joined May 19, 2005
Hey guys,
I have one day to shop in DC. I am looking for clothes and I don't know anything about the area. What are the best stores to go to upgrade my wardrobe(preferably not that expensive).

Joined Apr 27, 2006
Check the store directory, it's stickied at the top of our forum.

MAJOR and Commonwelath are two best bets.

Joined Apr 22, 2006

I would recommend Commonwealth. Two doors down from Commonwealth you can check out Stussy. I would also recommend Palace 5 which is only a few blocks awayfrom both Commonwealth and Stussy. Palace 5 is a skate shop and they have a pretty decent selection of brands. Sometimes they have some good sales and thepeople in the shop are very chill. I personally wouldn't recommend Major, but that's just me. It all just depends on what you are looking for andwhat your style is.

Like HustlinFlip said, just check the stickied post on the top of the forum. It'll help you a lot.
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