I have a question about first time home buyer programs. VOL. I NEED HELP!!!

Dec 9, 2001
Me and my fiance plan on purchasing a home together by the end of the year.........but because of our wedding, we wont have enough for a down payment.

Now, the program that im looking at requires that you dont make more than 50-60K a year to be approved for down payment and closing cost assistance.

I make 35K alone.......but together we make 75K and there would be 4 people in our home and the Maximum for 4 people is 52,700.

What if i put down on the loan that it would just be me and my 2 children living in the house and we get married and she "Moves in"............willanything change about my loan or will i have to pay back the down payment assistance money??

Nobody i know can seem to answer this question for me......Any help is much appreciated.
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