I just got a job offer in Miami, FL.. please school me on...

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what I should know when considering this job offer.. it is a good job as a analyst for a real estate company.. paying 40k starting.. what is the cost of living in Miami? Right now I live in the Bay Area, California and it is very expensive.. I was just browsing websites and see that housing in Miami is a lot less, even on South Beach. This sort of intrigues me bc I need to be in a place with hot weather bc thats what im used too.. anyway.. how is cost of living in miami.. anything I should know about the city before moving there? thanks guys..
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Miami may not be AS expensive as Cali BUT that is changing....U can live off of 40K in South FL. easily, but I dont know what your your used to as far as your lifestyle so just know that if U get over here budget right. U dont wanna get over here and then come to find out that it's not what U expected so continue to do your research and good luck to U if U decide to move down here......
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it really depends ob what part of the city you want to live. the places youre finding in sobe might not be what you think. but maybe you should take a trip down here to see the city for yourself. and its pretty damn hot right now

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40k ain't much in the MIA, but you can make it happen. If you feel that you can grow within the company than it might be a good move.
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