I just got a job

Joined Oct 28, 2002
I just got a job
and it gotme feeling like Will Smith at the end of pursuit of happinness. I have been unemployed for over year. this past year has been crazy i was living in my car for couple of months, than swallowed my pride and moved back to phx. tolive with my moms. For all of you who are unemployed keep your heads up and keep on that grind, i must have sent a million applications, and got a millionrejections this past year, but that million and one application came through . . . .oh and if you live in phx. university of phx is hiring.
Joined Dec 16, 2007
congrats dude. im graduating college and have no job lined up, whats i finish with all these exams and stuff im really get on my grind
Joined Mar 8, 2001
good !$@ fam. I'm in your same boat right now but I got an interview tuesday so hopefully that works out.
Joined Jan 2, 2009
Congrats man

I was about one week from living in a car once in a situation like yours so I'm glad you back up bro.
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