I just payed $6 for a Timex Weekender Vol. thank you Ama-god?

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idk how it happened.  but apparently while browsing on amazon, i went to checkout after carting a timex weekender and on the final order page instead of the $37 it was supposed to be, i had a random $30.16 promotional credit.  not sure if it will necessarily show for you but i don't have prime or anything, just listed as a student.
basically i paid $6.80 with 3-5 day shipping (could've got $1.0 with 5-8 days but i'm impatient 

here's a pic of the watch


watches come with a variety of bands and even a black face

hope it works for you too fam
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on a related note I just looked up a paypal hack someone tried using on me.

finna cop a Don C snapback for .80
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