I just went to close a sliding window in my computer room...

Dec 26, 2004
and a friggin mouse scurried past me and behind a load of boxes. Now I gotta try to clear all this stuff out and chase ratatouille out the door.
ugh! /rant
i was just watchin Exterminators on A&E, and dude was sent to a house with a mouse problem

it was a clean house, but he put his hand behind a dresser and a King Snake bit his hand
Im almost there....I think.... IDK where it is though....theres 2 boxes, some paint canvases tilted against the wall and 2 big paint sheets folded on thefloor and im hesitating to move em cause that lil president was quick. Door barricaded....bout to make my move.
it's %!++@@@ big and it was under those sheets and when I moved them it ran AT me instead of away and I %!++@@@ yelled and Im sure the neighbors were like'what the..." and it ran behind a cabinet next to the DOOR towards the rest of my place instead of towards the window... #%*#!!!! now it's postedbehind there and out of sight (I know it's there but can't see it when I look behind it). I dont even know what to do cause it's bigger than Ithought and it's wild. =[ Im on my lappy now cause I cant even sit at the computer desk cause this %$!@% gonna try moves on me..........man. I gotta figuresomething out here. what a pain. and I had to go out through the sliding window to the balcony cause I dont wanna give it the opportunity to get any further.%%!# sucks.
I would if I could but my hands are full enough...and Im jumping at every little sound around me in there. I had the broom and I still cant believe that #%+%ran straight at me!! unbelievable. I taped under the door so at least it wont be getting out of there. too much. This mouse has me wanting to move =/ Im onlygoing for top floor places now. always.
Homie is super shook

I feel you tho.. the thing you need to do is head to Home Depot or somewhere, and get one of those Stiky Mouse Strips. Put like, peanut butter in the middle ofthat mug, toss a few in each corner, and you should be good.
oh man lmao. where the hell was i during that thread. homie did the c walk then stomped him down once. what NTer was that?
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