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So i'm an intern right. It's my second summer working at a corporate insurance company, but I work in the IT department.
Basically, I've been setting up this collaboration site for my supervisor ( a woman, if that matters, idk) and things have been straight I suppose even though i'm her mule doing all the work.

I guess she stressing cause she's supposedly presenting this to her higher up and wants it to be perfect.

So far, i've made maybe one or two little mistakes that i've easily fixed within minutes but today I was struggling understanding all these functionalities she wanted me to incorporate.

Long story short, she calls me into her office, we're discussing whatever and she can see I'm a bit confused. So, her approach was not to slow it down a bit and explain clearer....it was to completely degrade me and talk to me like a @%%*%# idiot, with the door open, for the whole floor to hear.

Now, i'm a pretty relaxed dude. I apologize and tell her I understand just to get out of there basically. 

So, as I'm about to walk out she says "And, next time, think for a second before you waste my time with these ++$$+%* questions."

At that point, I say "Well next time, hopefully we're able to communicate more efficiently."

I guess she took this as like warfare or some #$*% because she immediately gets heated, does the little "What did you say?!" act, closes the door, and gets in my face.

No longer could I take it and without even thinking I begin to insult her knowledge of what I'm working on, her inability to give direction, and my business-like facade is gone.

It ended with her just telling me to get out, and now I'm at my desk while all my co-workers are like "Dude, +$@"

I don't even know really how to handle a situation like this, as I've never even been close to having a conflict at work before. BUT, I'M PRETTY SURE I WILL BE FIRED.

Anybody ever had a situation like this before? I'm still sitting here like 


1. Working on project for my boss, which she is completely reliant on me for

2. For first time, have issue on delivering what she wants

3. Proceeds to yell and belittle ya boy

4. Could not avoid retaliating....or tried for a second

5. Sitting here like Oh #$*%....
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Well since you've already gone off on her, then just go off on her superior if you get fired because she can't do her job.

Kinda like how George Costanza got hired by the Yankees.
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Go to HR and complain about her.  You're an intern, no need for her to insult you for everyone to hear.  That's verbal abuse.
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She was out of line, you attempted to put her in her place. Being your boss she didn't like this. Now you're at that so...am I fired now? Phase.
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As much as I see your point about her being a #%@@#, you took the L on that.

What do you get for blowing up on her?
You get fired.

What does she get?
She gets to fire you.

Gotta always keep your cool, even if you're being spoon-fed bull $$!$... there are more constructive ways to one up her...
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good for you for standing up for yourself... some people are sheep and just go with the flow instead of defending themselves...for future reference and to keep your job sometimes you have to bite your tongue even if you are right... its just the way corporate works... and like others said go to HR
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Now that both of you have calmed down, go and talk to her directly and try to diffuse the situation. I am sure something can be worked out and if not why continue being abused at your work place? I will be damned if I let someone/anyone talk to me in that type of derogatory tone. I would definitely file grievances with the human resources department if things can't work out between you two just in case.
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Go to HR and I'm not sure if they'll do anything but you can maybe contact the BBB.
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Originally Posted by shogun

Go to HR and complain about her.  You're an intern, no need for her to insult you for everyone to hear.  That's verbal abuse.
This. And QUICKLY. She was in the wrong and not you- she cursed at you, insulted your intelligence, and embarassed you in front of your co-workers. DONT LET YOUR "INTERN" STATUS MAKE YOU THINK YOU DESERVE THAT TREATMENT.
What HR will do is confidentially handle the situation and be your advocate. Its their job. If you go to them you can't lose. If you don't you risk letting your boss manipulate the situation to get rid of you. Good luck man and POST UPDATES!!!!


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Best you could have done was to walk away... easier said than done.

How did she degrade u? I've had a *****y, snappy female boss before... you can't communicate with them, it's like talking to a brick wall.
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