I kissed a girl with a boyfriend Vol. She told him

Oct 30, 2007
YO NT. Sup? How you doing fam? just wanted to say i love ya....anywho

Im not gonna lie and say this happened recently bc it didnt....this happened last year when i was a freshamn but the emotional pain is still with me....

so beginning of freshman year i was sorta shy within my group but i respectful towards the girls and they loved me and always talked to me...there was this huge flirt within the group who always hung out with us...so there was a week where we use to meet up in this girls room and do random @#%$ and one day i was sitting on the bed when she just is all over me but i controlled myself and joked around with her....a couple days later we did the same thing except she RLY wanted it so when we were flirting i gave her a kiss on the cheek and she didnt get mad aor anything....so to get to the point she told her bf and he got mad but whose fault was it mine or hers?

Your fault
Oh man! You are so busted! Ice skates... shopping bags... I think I know what's going on here. You weren't sick at all!
It's a kiss on the cheek.
She was flirting with you.

If you knew she was a huge flirt and something would go down, than you shouldn't be in her room alone with her.

You should have whipped it out instead.
Kiss on the cheek? Is that wat she REALLY wanted?
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Like real talk son, how you gunna let that eff with ya emotional status for a year? It was just a kiss on the cheek, you ain't got nuttin to worry about. Just forget about it and move on.
her man should be mad at her. its her fault. she constantly was all over you.

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wow? on the cheek fam? I was about to get ready to relate to you about some chick i kissed the other day with a man and @#%$ bout wow on the cheek? How the hell do you greet girls then with a handshake or a wave ? You one of those hi 5 dudes arent you...
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YO NT. Sup? How you doing fam? just wanted to say i love ya....anywho
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did u smash or what b?

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How did her boobs feel like? sandbags? :rolleyes
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