I know I’m going to catch heat for this, but I think N.W.A’s album “ EFIL4ZAGGIN” is better then “Straight outta Compton”

Joined Sep 16, 2010

I mean, the production by Dre on this album was 10 times better then SOC. I think this was the album that gave us that Dr. Dre west coast G funk sound we all got accustomed too in the early 90’s. The production was ahead of its time in 1991. Musically, this album was better. Thoughts?
Joined Dec 7, 2018
Musically, yes. Lyrically and conceptually? Not even close. I would still take SOC by miles overall.
Joined Jun 11, 2016
I agree and disagree, both speak testaments to the genius of Dre. I probably bump SOC more, eazy fkked that group up though, he should've just been solo from the beginning
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