I know you all just heard what happened on Sports center

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Damn, I know bruh made this thread quick as *+%# hoping that no one else noticed and that he would get all the lulz and smileys in his thread.

He got em...but for the wrong reasons

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Perhaps this is what he was talking about:

[h1]Howard Stern Prank Caller Fools ESPN[/h1]

SportsCenterwas so thrilled to get "Brian Westbrook" on the phone, they skipped avery important step: making sure it was actually Westbrook, and not aStern disciple expressing his desire to worship Stern's prostate.

http://player.motionbox.com/VideoPlayer.swf?http://player.motionbox.com/VideoPlayer.swf? http://player.motionbox.com/VideoPlayer.swf?http://player.motionbox.com/VideoPlayer.swf?

Poor Scott Van Pelt. Nice guy, don't deserve this. But Captain Jankshas fooled many a media outlet before, and it won't be his last.

On the other hand, one producer might have some free time on their hands.

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