I must be wearing these kobes wrong, my feet are hurting

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I have been waiting 4 months for the kobe 5 inlines to come out. So yesterday i picked them up in a 11.5 (my real size), and today i went to go ball. After 30 mins i had to go home and get some other shoes because my feet were killing me, i was wearing them with jordan socks and i had them tight enough to where my feet wouldnt slide around, but no to tight. Has anyone else had this problem or can tell me what to do, Im thinking about taking these back to Footlocker but im not sure if they will take them back. so far Lebron V11>>>Kobe V
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Hey, I wear the same size as you, and I have the chaos Vs. The first time I wore them, I experienced similar issues as you but not the extent to where my feet hurt. I think you just need to break them in, after my 5th wearing they started to feel good.They're stiff to start out but once you break them in, their butter
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I think the Kobe Vs definately need a break in period as I found the flywire to be a bit stiff and they would begin to ache after about 20 mins. But after 4-5 hours of playing they were not stiff but felt molded to my feet and were super comfy. This was the case with all the Vs I have. Stick with it if you can
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These are supposed to be comfortable right out of the box, any shoe will feel better after 5 wears cmon guys, if your feet hurt that bad they arent for you
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Originally Posted by TheAssassin23

These are supposed to be comfortable right out of the box, any shoe will feel better after 5 wears cmon guys, if your feet hurt that bad they arent for you
this man speaks truth...if they hurt get rid of em,,,nike should be ashamed at the crud they release these days.
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Some shoes you just have to wear them more than once. My Kobe IIIs used to kill my arches when I first wore them, but they soon really conformed to my foot and I loved them. Don't discard your Vs so soon. The Vs don't have the lunar foam anymore and you have to remember that Nike actually used as minimal zoom cushioning so it can't be too soft or else they will bottom out soon.
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my kb v's hurt my arches the first two wearings but after that they were fine. Im actually second guessing them now though. I have two pairs and have been playing in the chaos for a couple months and i notice that my knees hurt more than when i wear my hyperizes. I think im sub conciously compensating for the low cut and putting more stress on my knees. Im just not sure a low cut shoe is the best idea for basketball despite what the nike people say. Kobe's ankles are taped pretty heavy, but the average dude doesnt have access to top level trainers.
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i love my DK Kobe 5s... but they were at tad bit uncomfortable at first wear. Glad Im not the only person to feel the same way
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