I need deez Sugar Ray 23's!

Joined Nov 19, 2007
Originally Posted by NikeAirCobraBen

PE usually means pricey and rare and more appealing
More appealing is subjective. I think those are hideous.

More rare, and pricey? For sure.
Joined Jan 5, 2005
pointless for many reasons.... only buy if you are a true collector and a ray fan, prepared to spend some big bucks or make some big trades, or wear a size 14because thats the only size these came in... dont ask me how i know, but PM me if you are interested.
Joined Dec 19, 2007
You need those 23s?

You need a new account already

And your avy suits your name and if that's who I think you are.....let me say you are one the corniest fake gangster ever to hit reality show -___-

(I know its not you)
Joined Dec 7, 2007
i think those 23's are hot and would love to have a pair

i just wish jordan would start releasing some of the PE's he makes for players to the public.......................................................peace
Joined Jul 21, 2006
Those XX3's are fresh, but not fresh enough to make a new topic out of. In before the lock!
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