I need help from the NT Gods vol. WE TALKIN ABOUT MARRIAGE!? Pic included

Joined Nov 28, 2009
Whats good NT its ya boy 2 First Names,
Lately i've been talking to this one chick its been going good and what not, real cool female, down to earth and all that good stuff
but she been throwing some heavy stuff on me talking about marriage and *^&*. i wanna tell her i'm not ready for all that but dam she wont let yo boy off the hook!

Joined Mar 5, 2009
you already know...dump her and post the.............someone finish this for me
Joined Mar 21, 2008
!%+! em duck em let them go

on to the next

nah really though... finding a girl worth keeping>>>>
Joined Nov 23, 2004
yo man. how long ya'll been together? give us some more background. however, if she's pushing you.....tell her like it is or take a walk.
Joined Dec 2, 2009
What exactly about marriage does she want to talk about? How old are you two & how long you've been together?
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