I need insight on what to do with this situation. Traffic accident + court issue.

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So basically, I'm driving on the right side of the street merging into the lane and this guy hits the rear side of my car. Barely any damage other than acouple scratches, but this will affect my driving record and I dont need that. I'm going to court for it, but before I do, I need some insight. IfI'm merging into the lane from the right side and his car hits the back end of my car, HOW is it my fault?! Officer blamed me because she said I failed tomerge properly or sum bull. So either way, I'm going to court to dispute it. Will it get nulled if the other guy or the officer doesnt show up? How doesall this work out?

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did you even look before you merged??
and i mean physically turning your head, not just checking your mirrors.
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happened to my brother.....he lost dont even try unless you have a legit case where u were already in the lane
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Originally Posted by Hen Lin 32

Originally Posted by ATLien Seeko

So just pay the ticket? What if they dont show up to court? How does that work?
if the cop, or other person doesnt show you automatically win.

My guess based off of traffic, speeding tickets.

Looks like I'm goin to court then. Like I said, I dont need that on my record.
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Sounds like the guy had right of way and you merged into him, so I think you are to blame.. but it's hard to say without seeing the actual accident takeplace. Like somebody else said, a good indication would be where he hit your car - but that wouldn't necessarily be conclusive one way or the other,anywhow.


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im sure there was a yield sign...stop driving like a woman
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sorry man. but from your drawing, you're at fault.

you merged into him.

the people coming from the road you're merging on to really don't have to let you in. you just have to wait. that's why there are yield signs atthe end of the merge lanes and what not (at least at some places)
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the way I see it, it will be deemed your fault if the hit was at an angle or the corner, but if he hit you straight on from the back, youre good
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Originally Posted by Lrrr

im sure there was a yield sign...stop driving like a woman

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA going to court wont help, if a cop says its YOUR fault....RIP
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From that picture, your just wasting your time by going to court. You merged right into him, how is it not your fault?
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