I Need Shoes That I Don't Have to Wear Socks

Feb 20, 2005
hopefully this is the right thread.

anyways, summer is here and I usually like wearing shoes without socks because I hate how my feet gets hot with socks on. Sandals are good, but theyre not as versatile as shoes.

So does anyknow know a good brand where I can get a perfect tennis shoes that I can wear without socks, but yet not have to deal with athlete's foot, etc?
maybe nike frees.... they would seem to be very breathable and you can do it barefoot.... though i would suggest socks be worn with shoes, as you dont just contend with athletes foot, you also gotta deal with the gnarsty odor.

for example, this one kid i knew wore his reeboks barefooted, and nobody would want to hang out with the guy or invite him to their house because even though he washed his feet, his shoes would always seem to rub off something awful.

we ended up tossing his weakboks and getting him a pair of flip flops....
lol some speedo water shoes, lol

just kidding. I would just recomend wearing socks with your shoes, because your eventually gonna get Athletes foot if you dont
why don't u just get a few pairs of Nike Dri-fit socks, aren't those pretty good? or the Climcool stuff from Adidas. and then just wear a shoe with lots of breathability, like the Nike Free or Presto or Zoom Moire, that sort of stuff.

i think pys still got a few sizes for the Stussy Frees, so u can look at that
get geox like from all those nordstrom commercials The SHOE THAT BREATHES

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Everybodys different. I sometimes don't wear socks and my feet are fine. My shoes don't stink and my feet don't itch. I wear dunks, Air Force 1s, 90s. My feet don't sweat.. I do recomment prestos, they are some of the best shoes out IMO

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