i need some opinions guys..

Aug 2, 2005
These is the last shoe that i rendered.. I was wondering if i could have some opinions from you guys. Feel free to bash me. just please let me know why.

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^^ what they said.. :smh:

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No love for the checkmate huh....well...how bout these football cleats? it has a foamposite toe-cap and carbon fiber shank inside it.
make sure you give me reasons for your opinions so I could continue to grow as a designer. thanks guys.

"like flies on SHUT YO MOUTH!"
the cleats aren't bad...to hoop shoes well...they don't look like a hoop shoe...more like'a water shoe or something...IMO there needs to be more of'a distinction between the midsole and the upper because it looks like the it just wraps around and there is no midsole/sole... cleats aren't bad but they look like the vicks and well...anything dealing with him right is in need for change
I like the football cleat much better. Nice work.

As for the checkmate.... well your concept sketches look really good, but your final rendering made it look totally different. I think its mostly lighting and shading. Your final rendering just appears round bubbly and a bit bloated. Like a fund kids shoe, but not a serious ballin shoe.

I'm curious... what are your top three favorite ballin shoes and why? What was your primary source of inspiration for the checkmate? Speaking of checks, try making your nike swoosh look more like the real thing and not an actual check mark. Because that is what it is NOT.
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haha i didnt realize how much they looked like the checks on the lateral view of the cleat..i think they look like that on the checkmates because they were in perspective view. trust me dude, I have a problem with swooshes that look like checks too. i just happened to miss that on the obstruct..thanks for the feedback though man. i appreciate it. and the shaqnosis is my 4th favorite. haha
them football cleats look good bro
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they both look good
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so that basketball shoe was designed for my friend and this cleat was designed for my cousin that plays semi-pro football. Thats his logo in the bottom right. Here is the Nike wallpaper that I made with PS, rhino and maxwell all from scratch.

and here is the Nike ad that I made.

all comments are welcome guys. sorry I know the wallpaper is a little blurry.
This is good stuff my friend. Your thorough designs and concept sketches look awesome. I'd suggest checking out boards.core77.com if you're serious about footwear design, which it looks like you are. They can give you a lot of great feedback and help hone your skills. I know because they helped me out a ton!
Football cleats are pretty dope except put the cleats you had on the top of the sole on the bottom too, don't mix and match, and also the foam on the front wouldn't really work it would just be a waste. But your really good at designing keep it up
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don't really like the shoes, the cleats are clean though.
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