I need to clear up a quick discussion with a friend, I need y'all opinion

Joined Jan 1, 2009
Scenario: If i tell someone to jump off a bridge, and they get injured, can i get in trouble if he presses charges saying I told him to do it?
I'm saying: No i cannot get in trouble, i'm not the idiot who listened

but my friend is saying "yes i can get in trouble for telling me to do it"

please clear this up NT, thanks

EDIT: he claims it can be considered assisted suicide

i hit licks

Joined Feb 2, 2010
Your friend may be the biggest idiot ever.

And if you so happen to be your friend than you really do need to go jump off a bridge.
Joined Feb 5, 2009
If you physically assist his *** to the ledge then yeah that probably would get you a nice charge.If you TELL him he should and that's all you do then charges are highly unlikely.
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