I quickly present JUST LO)O)K

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yall are sad thirsty for youtube vids and requesting myspaces and @$#@ nt beasts and e beasts in general need some help
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But I almost feel like Myspace and viral video sites like YT have had a negative impact on the world, particularly females who now it seems more often than notthink it's acceptable to post whorish photos and vids of yourselves for the entire world to see (and many doing so while underaged no less). It's nottoo say we wouldn't have that without them sites, but it seems like even a female did have some skeezer in her, with no channel to release it, it may justlie dormant in her and never be a factor.

I remember when I was in HS and Jr High, it used to be damn near impossibe to get a female to send you a provocative photo or video of herself. You'd behappy if they sent a pic that was unknowingly shot from an above angle and there's was a little bit of breast crack showing.
Now all you have to askis do they have a myspace,youtube, photobucket. And that'll hold you down until you get to get at that in real life, which again they start so much youngerand easier nowadays you probably will be able to.

That said, yes I subscribed to her
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