I saw a live robbery and didnt do anything about it vol. feelsbadman

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So I'm heading to the Yankee game on the train and 2 ladies with 2 carriages next to me get up to get off a stop. Its them and a few others getting out one door. The next door is empty. As they're leaving a older black dude gets up to leave as well. I noticed hes going towards their door meanwhile the one closer to him was empty. What I didnt realize was he was sizing them up. Right before one of the ladies exited he snatched a wallet out her back pocket. I watched the whole thing go down. The crummy part was there was a 3 second window where the door stayed open and I couldve ran out, alerted the lady or snatched the wallet out his hands or something. Felt like **** right afterwards. It went down a few feet away from me. Am I wrong for doing absolutely nothing?
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Man it's ny, if a mans hungry there's not much you could do.. There's a time nd place for everything, you could've kept it real but you'll be the first out of thousands that stepped up, would've made no difference homey.. Society is messed up
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Its hard to say for certain people...you don't want that to happen to people but then again like azul said dont try n be superman at the same time. Its a ****** situation to be in.
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Am I wrong for doing absolutely nothing?
No your not. In movies the Hero is bullet proof. You're not! Who knows what mind set he was in, mind yo business. 99% they wouldn't help you.

Credit cards would be replaced and the bank will refund them for wrongful transactions. All they lost was cash. If they were smart they didn't have their savings in cash on them.

Dude came up end of story.

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****** get robbed everyday b

Don't try and be superman and end up seriously hurt or worse

The fact that you lived to post the topic means you made the right choice.

Trying to be brave will have you in a casket quick
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Yes the ladies were white and I wouldve mentioned dudes race regardless. Btw I was in an extreme hurry to meet the guy selling me the tickets. I feel like if I had time to spare I'd at least run out to alert them but getting to the tickets asap was on my mind.
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you wrong for letting everyone know youre personal buisness. youre gonna get a mix of responses in this thread some people will call you a coward or herb. but the truth is they wasnt there. some people are noble enough to do the right thing and have there name in the paper while others try to stop the crime and got shot. you def didnt need to create a thread about this.
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nothing wrong with that OP, who knows if that dude would have shot you dead over a wallet
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