I think this @#%$ pooted im my chair..........and left

Joined Oct 8, 2002
I got the jamican chick that works in the cubicle next to me. She's alway lettin off gas and looking around like she aint do it. @#%$ it aint nobody here but me and you, and I know I aint do it.

Anyway I get up to go the the restroom and when I get back my whole area smell like wet @#%$ and Mrs Trumpet Butt is nowhere to be found. I set down and my chair is warmer that a mother, not I've been sittin here all day warm, but "@#%$ is in my chair?!?" warm. Then when she comes back from break(i know shes comin back because we have the same breaks) she's talking about going to break again.

I think the @#%$ pooted in my chair! NT what should I do??
Joined Aug 31, 2006
- Go talk to her about work, act real serious about it, on some :nerd:
status; then when you have her undivided attention, drop a silent but deadly jaunt....!@????!!@@!@!!!!!1

- Wait for it

- Wait for it....

- Wait for it................!

- Now, leave, laugh, and enjoy your revenge on that @#%$....! :lol:
"Sometimes you want to go to NT, where everybody knows your name...and you're always glad you came..."
- Philadelphia
- R.I.P.- Methedy23​
Joined May 14, 2007
After getting 1000 respect in the past few days, we just want to disarm, throw back a couple mexicodones, and have conversations with IMADINOSAUR in broken English.​
Joined Jan 19, 2004
Quote:[hr][/hr]Tell her she reeks like butthole and snickers[hr][/hr]
"Its painful how sexy I look in this."

Quote:[hr][/hr]You know what? PSSH!! (And other assorted non-verbal signs of disagreement expressed through blowing of air) [hr][/hr]

Joined Aug 3, 2001
call her a bumbaclot

Team Pacific Northwest

Having sex with your pregnant girl, is like putting gas in a car that you've already wrecked.​
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