I want to make my mom dinner tonight, Recipe Recommendation?

Joined Oct 5, 2007
I would prefer some kind of meat!#*$ to grill, like steak, or rack of lamb, or something of that sort.

Anything is good though as long as it's yummy.

My sister will probably be helping, and I'd like it to take us less than 2 hrs.

Joined Dec 25, 2004
marinade chicken breasts and thighs in melted butter, soy sauce, minced garlic, pepper, and dried parsley. (half a cup of butter + 3 tablespoons of soy sauce)
spread remaining sauce over chicken and broil for 30 minutes, flipping at 15 minutes and basting.

or...cut up flat iron steaks into 1-inch pieces. soak some skewers in water for 10 minutes. chop up some garlic and rosemary and add a lil salt. mix in a bowlwith 1 tablespoon of olive oil. add some pepper and salt. toss the steaks in to coat and put them on the skewers. then broil them. mix sour cream withhorseradish and season with salt and pepper. once the steak is done cooking, enjoy with the horseradish sauce.
Joined Mar 8, 2009
get steak. put pepper on it. base it with A1. cook it on 4 or 5min on each side after you done take it out put it in microwave or oven. then cut some onions upput them in a pan where you cooked the steak. then put butter then get some shrimp throw them in the same pan. get some garlic put that in to. after that takeout steak, then put the shrimp on the plate, and the onions on the the meat
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Steak - just hit it with salt/pepper before throwing on the grill = CRACK.

Simple and effective.

Thats what I am making tonight.
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