I want to show y'all what I think is the worst building in Michigan


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Behold, the Grand Castle Apartments!

A 570- unit eyesore. The crown jewel of Grandville, Michigan.
Lucas, a partner at the Grand Rapids-based development firm Land and Co., has visited Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany, 10 times, and said the beauty of its architecture and design made him want to build his own residential retreat in Michigan.

“I’ve been to Europe on many occasions and was always impressed with castles — how big they were and how’d they make great apartments,” he said. “No one’s ever seen what we’re doing; no one’s ever done it. I always thought castles were fun … you can literally live like a king.”

Like a King! Literally!

Yes, with majestic views of...the Grand Rapids Gravel Co.

And...Muffler Man & American Fence Erectors

Truly Majestic.

And, uh, here's one more picture from reddit that I think also encapsulates the splendor of this abomination

Note: this is just phase 1 of the construction. According to mockups, they will be adding siding to make it look less like a prison.

Yes, that's a lion statue on the roof, it being a castle and all.
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Looks like it could be IHOP HQ.

Worst in the country or world is a reach though. If I was struggling I would move in and not give 2 damns.
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Weird design, it's like they were trying to be classical and modern at the same time. It didn't work.


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It's sad that people with money get to project their trash dreams on every one else
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It's ugly, but if the inside is fine, who cares. Worst in the US is a HUGE reach. There's so many apartments/houses in SF, LA, Santa Barbara, etc. that look like they belong in the favelas; I'd rather live in that ugly castle than one of those:lol:


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Favelas, slums, whathaveyou don't cost $50 million dollars to construct.

Yes, they are worse than this.

It was meant to be tongue in cheek. C'mon now.
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Only 570 units? A building of that size should hold 2x that. These apartments must be huge!-Also for what it's worth I think the siding will make it look even worse.
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That looks like some Cold War era, Eastern Bloc type of archeticture :lol:
welp, fits with whats going on with our dictator.

I actually used to live in Bavaria...eh...
EH. I actually lived near a castle on a hill. it was dope...but na.

bavaria is an ok place (only lived there a year and some change) but let that style stay over there, please.
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