I will wear them now!

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I came home from work today, feeling good because the game is on.
I went into my room and discover someone broke into my house, got some of my Jordans, laptops, digital camera, and watches.
They even took my Nike socks!

I still have some left by from now on, I will be wearing my Jordans. Lesson learned! Wear your Jays!
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sorry to hear about your loss ,, you need to get on your sherlock face, and start hunting whoever did you in, down ........
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What does this have to do with wearing your J's? I thought u were gonna tell us a story about how you kept some shoes DS for a long time and now theycrumbled when you wore them
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That's rough...Pay attention to footwear around friends and acquaintences. That sounds pretty targeted.
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I have been collecting since 2000, took all my DMP Packs, I have 4 packs: XI/XII (2), and 10/13, and 16/7 (1). Some III, V-Grapes, and so forth.
My roommate lost $3K and he just lost his job. What hurts the most is the loss of my original Military Blues, My Momma got me those. They were deadstock too.

The police came and did a wonderful job of inspection. All done in 5 minutes.

Thanks for all the support fellas.
Joined Oct 24, 2005
I was thinking about leaving the shoes game too, just get these V package tomorrow, the XII at the end of the month, and the Spacejams.
It is depressing for I can't leave on my own terms. I know how you feel Mutombo.
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Originally Posted by stifmyster23

What does this have to do with wearing your J's? I thought u were gonna tell us a story about how you kept some shoes DS for a long time and now they crumbled when you wore them
I was saving them for the summer, the XI/XII, I haven't wore them yet. I didn't wear most of the Jays. The one that I have left, I willbe wearing them now.
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Damn, sorry to hear about your loss. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood. Some %%++%@% may decide to wear them. I got my Js stolen once but I only recoveredthem because I had written my name with a sharpie under the inside sole and on the inside tags. Made the dude take them off and nearly beat his +++ for doingtaking them. Never happened to me again.
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yeah watch the grimy dudes they get close to ya just to rob you

and watch ppls feet in your hood to see if they show up


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Same situation happened to me and to find out it was my best friend. He told a few of his friends where I kept my key to my storage unit where I house myJ's and they wiped me out clean. They broke in when I had gone to work. The cops locked them up but I never got a single pair back. They took over 200+pairs. I had mostly OG's, All the CDP's, 3 DMP's Deadstock, 2 BMP's, etc.. I feel exactly what you are saying. I had to restart my collection.It was a hard lesson learned.
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I would check out craigslist and other classified ads and maybe if you from the streets keep your ears open for anyone selling Js. Then come right back at themon some street sh-t..or you can call the police. Haha. Sorry for your loss.
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sucks...sorry to hear that...

be careful on who you let in your home... you don't want everyone knowing what you have stashed...
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Damn that's devastating...I never show off or tell people about my collection, there are a lot of grimey people out there. I need to start rocking more ofmy kicks though
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sorry bout ur loss man.... i just noticed that my cdp XIV is missing.... prolly not stolen but i guess one of niggs took upon him to tke one half on thepackage...... mmmm thats what happens when u buy more shoes than u can possibly need....
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How do most store it j's? Do u store them in a secure place. Any security system? I'm think about putting window guards on all my windows for that samereason. My house gotten broken into came in thru back and left thru front door on Christmas eve on the my em ii's were suppose to show up. Scary feeling
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Originally Posted by WH1TE B0I

....because if you wear your shoes people won't rob you?

yeah thats exactly what he's sayin

he's sayin he shoulda worn them to enjoy them instead of leaving them in his closet then one day they're literally gone.
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Damn, that sucks....

And everybody laughed at that thread about insurance.
Renters insurance FTW.
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Originally Posted by WH1TE B0I

....because if you wear your shoes people won't rob you?
i think he's trying to say enjoy your shoes now because you never know. but yeah that sucks my dude. i do the same thing keep some of my shoesds until the summertime, or the "perfect occasion".
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